Top 10 DC Elseworlds that Deserve an Animated Makeover (last)

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10 Animated Elseworlds we want to see

By Drew Mollo



1. Kingdom Come:  (W: Mark Waid/ A: Alex Ross)  Superman has retired following the tragic death of Lois Lane. This alternate future is full of conflict – the former traditional heroes are at odds with the new generation of undisciplined and irresponsible vigilantes, most of whom are children of many classic heroes themselves. When Superman decides to return to active duty, he encounters opposition from Lex Luthor and his group of supervillians.  A nearly-paralyzed Bruce Wayne, who is also attempting to bring down Luthor and prevent an apocalyptic superhero war, does not agree with Supes’ methods and pursues his own agenda. All of this is witnessed by our narrator, minister Norman McCray, who has to put aside his wavering faith and play a crucial role in the events that will unfold. Waid’s now-classic story alongside the gorgeous artwork we’ve come to expect from Alex Ross continues to be a bestseller and would make an inspiring addition to the DC animated library if adapted properly.

-Drew Mollo is a freelance writer specializing in Comics media

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