Bejaded Comic #12 Civil War CONCLUSION feat. FRANK MILLER vs. FRANK MILLER!?!

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Bejaded #12 -CIVIL WAR Part 7 – the FINAL BATTLE!

Jon and Bokwang have brought their war to a climax! Bokwang is fighting for comic artist superiority! Jon is fighting for writers! Who will win?? Oh yeah… if you’re reading this, you already know. They both win! A feel good ending for our comics team, who in actuality is Jon and AMAZING pencil artist JOMAR BULDA. Jomar has been a great sport about this whole thing – he created Bokwang as his stand in and I couldn’t be happier! He and sensational colorist BUNNY PASIG were able to switch their styles to pay homage to great comic art teams throughout modern comics history.

Let’s take a minute to thank STAN LEE, The late great JACK KIRBY, NEIL GAIMAN, JOHN ROMITA, JR., CHRIS CLAREMONT, JIM LEE, and FRANK MILLER for inspiring us all to READ and MAKE comics!

Keep reading Bejaded and our main comic, JADED, for more of the Jaded characters and fun!


-Jon Santana

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