Bejaded Comic #14 feat. Grady and Kid Prodigy

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Bejaded 14 FINALb

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Bejaded #14 – Featuring Grady and Kid Prodigy

I loved the X-Men comics of the 80’s and 90’s. (proof here: A homage to the Claremont/Lee era of X-Men).

One of my favorite tropes they used was the ever-popular and often-imitated Fastball Special. It was a classic move perfected by a Colossus and Wolverine team-up where which Colossus would pitch Wolverine like a baseball at their enemy.



The original Fastball Special. From Claremont and Cockrum. X-Men TM and © Marvel


The modern era Fastball Special

Clearly, Grady and Kid Prodigy are 90’s X-Men fans. This issue of Bejaded sees the two putting their own spin on the infamous Fastball Special. Except by using his super-speed, Grady pitches KP into the horizon and the next issue of Bejaded! Be here next week to find out where he lands to begin a short Kid Prodigy solo adventure!

Only from Iron Age Comics!

Jaded comics are available on our online store. Read Jaded #1-3 to catch up on the main comic story!

-Jon Santana

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