Bejaded Comic #19 feat. Kid Prodigy vs Gremlins

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Bejaded, Home, Jaded, News, Special Jaded Posts

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Bejaded #19 – Kid Prodigy trapped on Villains’ Beach!

Our favorite young hero KID PRODIGY has been thrown across the ocean by his teammate Grady O’Connell during their recreation of a Fastball Special – only to find that he’s landed on Villains Island!

KP uses his ELECTROMAGNETIC tech gear to locate and retrieve the nearest large metal object – which happens to be the INFINITY GAUNTLET!

But just when he thinks he’s found the weapon he needs to win the day, Thanos reveals he has a backup cosmic weapon – the INFINITY FLIP FLOP!

KP has decided to use his new ultimate power to finally destroy Thanos when the villain pulls a dirty trick – bringing the avaricious but adorable Mogwai (aka baby Gremlins) into the fight!

How is KP to fight against so much CUTE??

-Jon Santana

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