(Spoiler Review) Captain America Secretly a Lifelong Hydra Agent? So what.

(Spoiler Review) Captain America Secretly a Lifelong Hydra Agent? So what.

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Spoiler Alert – Captain America has secretly been a Hydra double agent since before there WAS a Captain America!


Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (Written by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz) is actually NOT a bad comic book. A bad comic book is poorly paced, features indiscernible sequential art, is riddled with disposable dialogue… you get the idea. The new reboot of the Steve Rogers Cap is none of those things. Instead, this first issue is like that great-looking, intelligent, impressive first date that turns out to be a long-lost first cousin. “I had a great time… but this is just not something we should do. EVER. Sorry.”

I don’t blame Spencer for his script. It’s a good script. It features witty dialogue (especially from old timers Rick Jones, Jack Flag and Free Spirit), sharp line-work and sequential storytelling from Saiz, and stunning color choices (check out those flashback grey tones with the stark red highlights).

I know what you’re asking yourself. If the comic is good, why does it suck?

It sucks because Captain America secretly hiding his allegiance to Hydra all these years is dumb. Flat out dumb. I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining why. You know why. I do, however, commend Spencer for trying really hard to make the idea less dumb (oh, he tries. I’ll prove it in just a bit). But… how does the saying go? You can’t fix stupid.

Screwing up Cap. This ain’t the first time and it won’t be the last…

The powers that be at Marvel, God bless ’em, have clearly been having tea with the good idea fairies. Hydra Cap is an attempt to shock readers into buying Captain America books again – and it’s no new gimmick, either. Spencer actually alludes to Cap’s crazier moments in Marvel history in a thinly veiled attempt to justify this latest Cap-hearts-Hydra stunt. Over beers, the aforementioned old-timers Rick Jones, Free Spirit and Jack Flag actually reminisce about Cap’s more ridiculous attention-grabbing ploys such as Capwolf (yes. I said Capwolf. Cap used to be a werewolf. You didn’t know?) and Armored Cap-Man. The scene, while funny, took me out of the story as I could nearly hear the writers voice, shouting “Look! Marvel made stupider choices in the past! This one’s not so bad!”

A for effort, Spence. Not buying it.

I encourage you to read the issue for yourself. Preferably borrow one – you’re not going to want to spend your cash on the beginning of a retcon storyline that is destined to be re-retconned in about a year. Guaranteed. Mark your calendar, set your watch.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Grade: D-. Not for the writing or art. Just on concept alone. Yeah. D-.

Oh, and Baron Zemo says “Toodles.” So that part is the writer’s fault. (Still D-)

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Batfleck loves Geoff Johns almost as much as we do

Batfleck loves Geoff Johns almost as much as we do

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Facebook video credit – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Page

Ben: “I would read anything by Geoff Johns. F#$%ing genius. I love him.”

Ben Affleck has confirmed he will be working with Geoff Johns, long-time writer for DC Comics and architect of some of the greatest modern DC storylines including Green Lantern: Rebirth and Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis. He also played a critical role in building a little thing called New 52.

Geoff Johns taking a hold of DC movie properties is a BIG win for DC in the DC v Marvel ever-growing war for the fanboys’ favor.  One of Marvel’s main advantages is having a mastermind behind all of their film projects in Kevin Feige – and bringing in story-focused, comics-genius Geoff Johns could be DC’s answer to Fiege.

Why do WE at Iron Age Comics CARE? Cuz this gives us an idea…

Everhounds is our comic about reality-hopping bounty hunters. Neverhounds is our comic STRIP that makes fun of our comic book, and the comics and movie industry.

What if the bounty hunters at Neverhounds Inc. got a call from MARVEL… to KIDNAP Geoff Johns!

That’s the premise of the next Neverhounds story arc, beginning THIS FRIDAY! Don’t miss it!


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