Countdown to Infinity War: Fun Facts celebrating 10 Years of Marvel Movies Part 1.

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Avengers: Infinity War
comes out April 27th, 2018 and it is a big deal. The second trailer recently dropped and just increased the hype tenfold. It’s not just the entire Marvel universe coming together to battle the omnipresent threat of Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. It’s not just one of the biggest blockbuster superhero films in recent memory. It’s not just the 19th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s all of that and more! This movie celebrates 10 years of Marvel movies that have captured the imagination of the world and made many of these Marvel Comics characters household names. So as we countdown to this much anticipated debut, lets take a look back all the Marvel movies that paved the way for this movie and future movies like it and fun facts about the movie or its process that’ll make us appreciate them even more. EXCELSIOR!

1. Iron Man (2008): Burger King changed Robert Downey Jr’s life
In an interview with Empire Magazine, Robert Downey Jr. thanked the fast food restaurant Burger King for helping his decision to go straight from drugs in 2003. One day he stopped to get a burger and the burger was so disgusting that the overall experience made him rethink his life and what direction it would go. Afterwards he proceeded to dump all the drugs he had in his car into the ocean. He would re-enact this moment of revelation in the movie when he returned from captivity and ate the burger during his unorthodox sit-down with the press. Speaking of, those four hundred extras who were a part of the press conference were to be filmed standing but Robert thought they should be more comfortable and relaxed sitting down. Considering the impact this burger had on Downey Jr’s life, I can only imagine what might have happened if he went to Wendy’s instead.
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2. Incredible Hulk (2008): Ed Norton got recommended by the other Hulk for the part.
Edward Norton was recommended to play the role of Bruce Banner by Lou Ferrigno, who famously portrayed the angry green superhero in The Incredible Hulk (1978). Ferrigno stated that Norton reminded him of the late Bill Bixby who had played Bruce Banner alongside him on the show. When approached, Norton turned down the offer despite being a huge Hulk fan as he was concerned about how the film would end up. After meeting director Louis Leterrier and Marvel Entertainment to discuss the movie in depth, he signed on. Ironically, Leterrier originally wanted Mark Ruffalo to be Bruce Banner but Marvel insisted on Norton being cast. Ruffalo would be re-cast as Bruce Banner in The Avengers (2012) and continue to portray the role to this day.
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3. Iron Man 2 (2010): The Mandarin helped Whiplash get to Monaco to confront Iron Man
According to director Jon Favreau, the Asian man who hands Anton Vanko aka Whiplash the false papers that enable him to get to Monaco where he confronts Tony Stark was a member of the Ten Rings. The Ten Rings is the organization whose membership consisted of Raza, the leader who captured and demanded Tony Stark make them weapons which lead to him creating the first Iron Man suit. Most importantly, the Ten Rings leader is the Iron Man nemesis known as the Mandarin so even from the beginning, the Mandarin’s fate was intertwined with Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s life.
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4. Thor (2011): Thor’s banishment brought tears to almost everybody involved.
During filming, director Kenneth Branagh asked Sir Anthony Hopkins to improvise his reaction to Thor yelling at him during the scene where Odin strips Thor of his power and banishes him to Midgard/ Earth. He agreed and by the time the scene was finished, most of the cast and crew were sobbing, even Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston said it was difficult to keep their emotions in check during filming. When complimented later on it, Hopkins gave credit where credit was due by saying “ Ken’s fantastic, isn’t he?”
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5. Captain America First Avenger (2011): Peggy couldn’t resist touching Cap.
Looking’s free but touching almost cost Hayley Atwell while filming The First Avenger. When Steve Rogers first appears from the pod transformed into Captain America, Peggy Carter spontaneously touches his chest and looks surprised and a little flustered at his significant physical changes. That touch was very much improvised and the look on her face was genuine as she admitted to being attracted to Chris’s physique. That attraction had her not only break character for a moment but also ruined the take that made into the film’s final cut. Fortunately, we couldn’t blame Peggy or Haley for such a reaction because thousands of women in audiences all over the world would have done the same and probably more.
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6. Avengers (2012): Even in real life everybody answers Cap’s call to Assemble.
During the filming of The Avengers, there were a few times that the entire cast were in town at the same time. During one of these rare moments, Chris Evans sent them all a text with one word: Assemble. They all got together and had a night out on the town. While we don’t know the details of what went down, Clark Gregg who plays Agent Coulson in the MCU has said this is the best text message he has ever received.
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7. Iron Man 3 (2013) : Iron Man was to Join the Guardians of the Galaxy
The original ending of the Iron Man trilogy was going to introduce another upcoming Marvel movie: the Guardians of the Galaxy. At the end of the film, Tony would have blasted off into space to meet up with the Guardians. He would have had a cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) which was a reference to his then recent membership in the comics. This idea was removed when Robert Downey Jr. discussed that he may step down from the role of Iron Man in future films. So they went with Downey Jr.’s idea about a post credits scene with Tony re-telling the story to a heavy-eyed Bruce Banner.
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8. Thor: The Dark World (2013): Jane Foster had to slap Thor just right
In cinema, sometimes you must film the same scene more than once to get the perfect take. In Thor: The Dark World, the part where Jane Foster slaps Thor had to be filmed repeatedly because Natalie Portman kept fake slapping Chris Hemsworth. After the thirtieth take, she stopped caring and was slapping him for real. Funny enough the scene where Jane meets Loki and punches him for his role in the Battle of New York during The Avengers (2012), it only took her five takes before she was actually hitting Tom Hiddleston.
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9. Captain America : Winter Soldier (2014): Falcon likes to cut the check!
Anthony Mackie who played Sam Wilson/The Falcon liked to say “Cut the check!” whenever something had gone well or a scene had been completed during The Winter Soldier. The phrase caught on and eventually everybody in the cast and crew were saying it. Unfortunately, according to the Russo Brothers, Mackie overdid it so much during the filming that it eventually lost its appeal.
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Well cut the check for Part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2 in a few days and remember, Thanos is coming…

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