DC Producing Animated Death and Return of Superman in 2 Parts

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Announced last year at San Diego Comic Con, a teaser image has been released for the first film in a two film series detailing the iconic 1992 storyline where the hero fought and died from injuries inflicted by the unstoppable creature dubbed Doomsday during the battle that killed them both. This image was posted courtesy of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay’s Itunes Extra page via http://www.worldsfinestonline.com

After his funeral, several heroes stepped forward in “ Reign of the Supermen” to fill the void left in his presence, all of them wearing his iconic S on their chest and one or two hinted at being Superman returned from the dead. We would later know these characters as Cyborg Superman, Steel, Superboy and the Last Son of Krypton. We would also learn Superman’s body had been placed in a Kryptonian healing matrix and he would eventually appear alive, with a mullet and slightly reduced powers, to save the day as only Superman can.

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The Death of Superman was a massive moment for DC Comics and comics in general as Superman, one of the earliest comic book heroes who was thought to be invulnerable, was gone. The sales of the issues were excellent and Superman #75 where Superman died sold out quickly but the failed investment of the issue would lead to the speculator’s market to dry up and a decline in the comic book industry. Superman’s death and resurrection would change how death would be portrayed in comics as countless other heroes in both DC and Marvel would die and eventually return to life. The character Doomsday continued to be a legendary threat in DC Comics to this day and the anniversary of Superman’s death is a day that the DC Universe remembers those who have passed in superhuman community regardless if they were hero or villain.

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These storylines have been adapted or referenced in multiple formats before. They were loosely adapted in Superman: Doomsday (2007), episodes of the Justice League cartoon such as “A Better World” and “Hereafter (Part 1 and 2)” featured references from both storylines and elements of their stories influenced Young Justice’s portrayal of Project Cadmus and Superboy. Superman’s death and return was a focal plot point in Superman vs. Batman (2016) and later in Justice League (2017). Considering how other adaptations portrayed or adapted the stories, DC Animated Films has promised a more faithful adaption of both stories. Considering these storylines featured such characters as the 1990s version of the Justice League, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and the Guardian it’ll be interesting seeing them balanced with story techniques popular in Nineties comic books. Death of Superman’s official release date has yet to be announced but we know it will be released later in 2018 and Reign of the Supermen will follow in 2019. Until then, I’ll be looking forward to when Doomsday is here and Superman says “Nobody tears my city apart and gets away with it.”
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