Jaded – A six issue series

“Breaking Bad with superheroes…”


Release Date: 4th Quarter 2015
Writer: Jon Santana
Pencils: Jimbo Salgado
Colors: Bunny Pasig and Omi Remalante

Vol. 1 “To Whom Pray the Gods?”

Four typical superheroes face life changing tragedies that twist their ideals and leave them questioning their own motivations. Be there from the start as these four broken weapons of mass destruction follow a collision course that they will not all survive…

Issue #1: Sovereign Rights

Jaded 1 coverMeet Adam Sovereign: apathetic, entitled and spoiled superhuman extraordinaire. Then meet present-day Adam Sovereign: bursting with rage and power, ready to eradicate evil with brute force all over the galaxy. What events turned this careless man-child into a bloodthirsty demi-god? Read Adam’s story in issue 1 of JADED, where Adam is just the first of four heroes who are on a collision course with rock bottom…

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Issue #2: The Game Changer

Jaded 2 coverMeet Stanley Perkins: The lovable, happy go lucky teenage genius turned crime-fighter – AKA Kid Prodigy. Then meet present-day Stanley: brutal, ruthless, and a cold-blooded killer. Find out what turned the Kid inside-out in this second Jaded origin story.

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Issue #3: Collateral Damage

ironage3A father/son speedster team confront a frightening gravity bomber in this action packed installment of Jaded. Devlin investigates a copycat bomber responsible for innocent lives in a small Midwestern town.

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