NEVERHOUNDS #10 The Wrong Bounty Pt. 7 feat. Emperor Mickey

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016 in Everhounds, Neverhounds, News

neverhounds strip 10 final

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The Wrong Bounty, Part 7!
This ain’t your ordinary bounty job! The Neverhounds have breached Marvel Studios’ maximum security prison, THE RAFT,  in order to break out DC Golden Boy Geoff Johns! They’re gonna need some help…
Emporer Mickey revealed to be… a deluded fanboy! Huh, who’da thunk it? Disney may be a mega-corporate-machine, but perhaps not as vicious as some on the internet may want us to believe….
Anywho, it looks like the DC actors and the Neverhounds have defeated the Emperor with the help of (GASP) the MARVEL actors! Does this mean there could be PEACE?!?

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