NEVERHOUNDS #5 The Wrong Bounty Pt. 2

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Everhounds, Neverhounds, News

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The Wrong Bounty, Part 2!
This ain’t your ordinary bounty job! The Neverhounds have to breach Marvel Studios in order to break DC Golden Boy Geoff Johns! They’re gonna need some help…
If you’re a part of the comics and comic movie community, it’s no surprise to you that Warner Bros. brought DC’s Geoff Johns in as a producer for the upcoming DC films (such as Justice League and the Batfleck solo Batman film). It’s a great move, and one that has Neverhounds writer Jon Santana thinking DC Movies could start gaining ground in the DCEU vs. MCU fan wars!
Well – in the alternate reality of the Neverhounds’ GATE 98, Marvel Studios would never let DC gain ground! As The Wrong Bounty begins, we see the Marvel Emperor has hired the Neverhounds to kidnap Johns with the intention of using his fanboy-pleasing story skills for their own benefit!
Will the Neverhounds sit back and just LET Marvel dominate? Come back next week to find out!
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