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Hey everybody! We’re only a few days away from the premiere of Ant-Man and the Wasp, the sequel to 2016’s Ant-Man. A lot has changed since Scott Lang inherited the mantle of Ant Man from secluded inventor Hank Pym in an unorthodox fashion and as we saw at the end of the first movie, he has some company or as Hope van Dyne put it “It’s about damn time”. The film takes place two years after the events in Civil War but before the events of Infinity War so it may answer questions about why we didn’t see either heroes alongside their fellow Marvel heroes battling against Thanos and his forces. The film will explore a new adversary code-named the Ghost, fellow inventor and former Pym co-worker Bill Foster, and the status of Janet Van Dyne who disappeared in the Quantum Realm years ago.

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Our Characters:

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Scott Lang/ Ant-Man: A former criminal and father who tried to help his daughter’s poor health by rescuing a doctor who could help her from CEO Darren Cross. To do this, he stole Hank Pym’s suit and cannisters of Pym particles which gave him the powers Hank Pym was known for. After he defeated Cross, he tried to return the suit and turn himself in but Hank Pym, aware of his reasons and his actions as a result, instead allowed him to keep the suit and title under the condition he works as a hero. Scott has worked alongside the Avengers and other Marvel superheroes but always tried to balance a career as a superhero and a father. Wonderfully portrayed by actor Paul Rudd, this movie portrays Lang under house arrest due to his actions during Civil War and attempting to fix his frayed relationship with Hank Pym and Hope while balancing his responsibilities as Ant Man and to his daughter Cassie.

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Hope van Dyne/ the Wasp: the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, the original Ant Man and Wasp. While there are similarities to her comic book character, I find this version of the Wasp to have more in common with Nakia Pym, the illegitimate child of Hank Pym and deceased foreign agent Maria Trovaya. Nakia grew up in the Soviet Red Room and upon escape, she learned of her father’s death and created a makeshift Wasp costume to fight alongside the Avengers. She would find a surrogate mother in Janet Van Dyne and eventually adopted her last name when she became a U.S. Citizen. In the movie, Janet’s disappearance during a mission created friction and distance between Hank and Hope that began to heal throughout the first movie. Portrayed delightfully by actress Evangeline Lily, the actress believes that by accepting the mantle of the Wasp, Hope has achieved a goal she’s wished for for most of her life as well assertion from her father, so she will be in a different emotional mindset than she was previously.

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Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym/ the original Ant-Man: The scientist who was also known as Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket and even the Wasp. One of the founding members of the Avengers, Hank Pym’s heroic history has been mired with controversial decisions and consequences. It was Hank Pym who was responsible for creating the android menace called Ultron and years later he suffered a mental breakdown that caused him to attack his teammates and physically assault his wife Janet. As a result, he was expelled from the Avengers and Janet divorced him although they would rekindle their romance years later. The movie version of Hank Pym is an inventor, entomologist, physicist and former S.H.I.E.L.D agent who was the original Ant-Man back in 1963. Portrayed by actor Michael Douglas who channels the cynicism and distrust Hank views the world into his role as Scott’s mentor, the film will explore how Scott’s decisions in Civil War has affected him and Hope and his desire to return to the Quantum Realm in search of his wife Janet whom he believes is still alive.

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The Ghost: A brilliant criminal who gains the ability to phase through technology after stealing Pym technology. In the comics, the Ghost origin story is unknown. He claimed to be a promising programmer and engineer whose technology skyrocketed his employer Omnisapient. Depressed over the death of his girlfriend to a random fire, he found solace by literally immersing his consciousness into the data networks he created by wiring his flesh to his advanced processors. With his mind elevated to alpha-level intelligence he discovered that his lover had been hired by the company to keep him happy and was killed because of her attempts to blackmail them. When he was discovered, the company hired a mercenary to dispose of him with a bomb that destroyed his entire apartment complex and its residents. He survived and became the Ghost, an anti-capitalist saboteur who seeks to destroy any corporation or institution that he views as oppressive, with a suit that grants him the ability to become intangible and hack and reprogram any electronic system or signal. He destroyed his former employers and then erased any form of his former life. If this is true or not has yet to be confirmed. In the movie, the writers decided that the characters gender was irrelevant to its portrayal and that it would be more interesting to cast the role as a woman; the actress Hannah John-Kamen felt the blank slate allowed her to make the character her own. It has been hinted that there is some connection to Ghost and friend and former Pym co-worker Bill Foster.

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Bill Foster: A former assistant and partner to Hank Pym on the Goliath project. In the comics, Bill Foster worked alongside Hank Pym as his lab assistant and eventually cracked the formula for the Pym particles which gave Giant-Man (Hank Pym’s identity at the time) the ability to grow. Originally known as Black Goliath, he worked alongside the Champions, the Defenders, and other Marvel characters as Giant Man and constantly dealt with his powers in flux. He went by Goliath when he was killed during a battle in Civil War and his nephew Tom would crack the formula for Pym particles and honor his memory as the new Goliath. In the movie, Bill Foster is played by Laurence Fishburne who is seen comparing his experience in Project Goliath with Scott Lang’s experiences in the trailer. Director Paul Reed has described the current rivalry between Foster and Pym to that of tech moguls Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

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Cassie Lang: Scott Lang’s daughter. In the comics, repeated exposure to the Pym Particles from her father’s adventures as Ant-Man helped Cassie gain the ability to increase and decrease her size. Her abilities were usually linked to her emotions and she would work alongside the Young Avengers and with other Marvel heroes under the code-name Stature. Her love for her father and his other career would constantly put her at odds with her mother and stepfather who feared for her safety and life. Although she is just a child currently in Scott’s early career as Ant-Man, such a plot point would be interesting to explore in possible future movies.

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Janet Van Dyne/ The Original Wasp: Hank Pym’s wife and mother to Hope Van Dyne. She was lost in the Quantum Realm during a mission years ago with Hank. She has not been seen since…. until now. It was rumored until it was confirmed that she will be portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer.

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And of course Luis, Dave, and Kurt who were members of Scott Lang’s original crew will be returning as well as Maggie and Paxton, Scott’s ex-wife and her current husband. With a cast of characters such as this, this most definitely will not be any kind of small movie.

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