The Everhounds get their own webcomic!

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Every Tuesday from Jon Santana and Rusty Limosinero!

neverhounds STRIP_1

Welcome to our first Neverhounds Webcomic Strip! If you found your way here as a fan of Bejaded, welcome!

The Neverhounds are a parody of the soon-to-be released comic book about a bunch of time-travelling, dimension-hopping bounty hunters called the Everhounds! The Everhounds comic is written by Jon Santana and drawn by Emil Cabaltierra and Ray Bermudez.

We thought it would be funny if the characters from that comic book time-travelled to a time BEFORE there comic was released! The NEVERHOUNDS strip will feature the Everhounds’ over-dramatic, dim-witted, do-gooding counterparts.

Much like the Everhounds, the NEVERHOUNDS’ job is to find ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYWHEN. Except THESE idiots tend to ruin time-streams, create nonsensical paradoxes (parodoxi??), and botch every job they’re on. Watch them interact with movie stars, famous movie scenes, and comic legends – quite possibly maiming people left and right and DEFINITELY hurting some feelings along the way.

Hope you enjoy Neverhounds! It’ll be a fun ride!


-Jon Santana, April 2016

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