10 Unusual Facts about Superheroes You Don’t Know

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1.  The Guardians of the Galaxy were originally the Wolverines from The Red Dawn.

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Comic Writer Roy Thomas said the Guardians of the Galaxy “started out as an idea of mine: about super-guerrillas fighting against Russians and Red Chinese who had taken over and divided the USA. I got a sort of general approval out of [editor-in-chief] Stan [Lee] (I think), and gave the idea to Arnold Drake, since I had not time to write and research it. Arnold went in for a conference with Stan, and Stan (maybe Arnold, too) decided to change it to an interplanetary situation. All the characters and situations in Guardians were created by Arnold and/or Stan.” The story took place in the 31st century of an alternate Marvel Comics timeline with the main team consisting of Major Victory, Martinex T’Naga, Captain Charlie-27, Yondu Undonta. Many of these Guardians (with the exception of Yondu)  made their big screen debut at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

2.  Peter Parker was a victim of sexual abuse

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Now before you jump to any conclusions, this story came out in 1984 when Marvel was working with the National Education Association and the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse. In this story, Spider-Man recalls a story to a child having difficulty opening up about something that happened to him. Back in the day, lonely Peter Parker befriended an older boy named Skip and in the beginning, things were fine. But they took a dark turn when Skip forced Peter to perform some kind of sexual act with him while they were alone reading pornographic magazines. Peter told Aunt May and Uncle Ben what happened and the situation was resolved shortly after but Peter never forgot what happened. When Spider-Man’s story’s convinced the child to talk to his parents, Peter realized what happened in him wasn’t his fault.

3.  Captain America was once a drug addict

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In the Streets of Poison , Captain America took on both drugs and supervillians such as Bullseye, Kingpin, Crossbones, and Diamondback when an unexpected explosion had the strangest result. The All American poster boy finds himself fighting through a meth lab when it explodes. Instead of dying in the explosion, the designer drugs somehow seeped into his bloodstream and quickly turn him into a Star Spangled Junkie. Cap becomes a supercharged paranoid addict who doesn’t shave, hears voices, picks fights with his teammates when he can’t control his anger and apparently as seen above, is not afraid to cluck like a chicken. Although we’re surprised the Super Soldier serum didn’t protect him from this reaction, we’re glad he’s been living the clean and sober life ever since.

4.  Professor X also had a thing for Jean Grey

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Back in the 1960s when the X-Men were introduced, they were merely teenage mutants under the guidance of Charles Xavier who trained and helped them to use their powers, especially fellow telepath Jean Grey. Now everyone is more than familiar over Cyclops and Wolverine’s battle for Jean’s affections but during those golden years, Xavier telepathically admitted to caring more for Jean Grey than a simple teacher-student relationship. Charles Xavier at that time was the ideal teacher and this moment made us question Charles Xavier’s logic where an improper attraction seem less compared to the responsibilities of leadership or even his physical handicap. This moment was  forgotten until years later when Jean, with the help of the all-powerful evil amalgamation known as Onslaught, took a look into the past and learned how seriously twisted Xavier’s behavior had been. The worst part was the revelation that the Professor never confronted or eventually let go of his feelings for Jean, he simply suppressed the memory of them with his powers and moved on.

5.  One time The Flash became fat and everyone made fun of him

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Naturally with a Speed Force metabolism, you’d think many of things of Barry Allen aka The Flash before you’d even think obese. But back in the Silver Age of comics when any idea was possible, ape adversary Gorilla Grodd hit Flash with a blast from a science gun that caused him to absorb the air’s moisture to the point where his size made it impossible for him to run. In Flash #115 titled “The Day the Flash weighed 1,000 Pounds” instead of helping the hero, Central City’s people turned him into a sideshow attraction subject to constant ridicule. When The Flash couldn’t take it enough, he figured out how to reverse the condition by dehydrating himself in a special room and went on to defeat the villain and save the very citizens who laughed at him. Although Barry Allen never had such an issue again, we’d like remind you all that dehydration is not the way to lose weight but quite the opposite.

6.  There were other Green Arrows throughout the world

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We know Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow but according to Adventure Comcs #250, there are others who wear the mantle of the Green Arrow much like Batman Incorporated decades later. The idea is interesting but the execution is more than hilarious as we see the Green Arrow of Mexico. Japan, Britain and others but they only seem to reinforce stereotypes in their depiction. The Mexican Green Arrow is nothing more than a Caucasian man wearing a sombrero and long mustache and the Japanese Green Arrow looks like an Asian caricature driving a rickshaw but if you think that’s ridiculous you should see their trick arrows. Britain’s GA has a Big Ben Arrow and the Japanese GA has a Jujitsu Arrow which is somehow is an arrow with arms. Green Arrows, you have failed these countries.

7.  Supergirl had a creepy space horse that wanted to hook up with her.

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When anyone looks up Comet the Super-Horse, I’d love to go back and see what the creator’s train of logic on this bizarre character in Supergirl’s history was. Originally written as a space centaur trapped in a horse’s body, he would drift space with no purpose until he discovers Supergirl’s lost vessel also drifting aimlessly. He immediately is attracted to this baby girl and follows her to Earth where he watches her grow up while intensifying his attraction to Kara by infiltrating her dreams. If Freddy Krueger’s horse wasn’t enough to re-think Supergirl’s death and reboot in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Comet eventually gets his wish when he is turned into a human rodeo man called “Bronco Bill”. Supergirl randomly finds him and of course they make out, twice. Sometimes not getting a pony for your birthday might actually be a good thing.

8.  Marvel’s Deadpool was modeled after DC’s Deathstroke

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Once, artist Rob Liefeld was tinkering with a new character that he showed to writer Fabian Nicieza. Knowing Rob was a fan of the DC Comics series Teen Titans, Fabian couldn’t help noticing the similarities of the outfit and skill set to a popular DC villain  summed up in his message “This is Deathstroke from Teen Titans.” Normally that would stop any creative team but Fabian and Rob took this and ran with it. According to Fabian, Rob created the visual design and name while Fabian focused on establishing Deadpool’s speech patterns and created his real name “Wade Wilson”, an inside joke to Deathstroke’s civilian identity Slade Wilson. After Deadpool’s debut and reoccurring role in X-Force, his following  mini-series gathered enough success to earn him first ongoing series with Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness which helped establish him as the psychotic, pop-culture fourth wall breaking Canadian Marvel anti-hero that millions of people laugh and reference to this day. Your move, DC Comics.

9.  Legion killed and absorbed the psyche of a terrorist who tried to kill him.

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Before he was known as Legion, the star of a hit FX show with a second season on the way, David Haller was simply the illegitimate child of Professor Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. When he was very young, he was a victim of a terrorist attack of which he was the only survivor. The trauma from the situation was so intense that it triggered his mutant powers to manifest and incinerate the minds of all the terrorists present including their leader Jemail Karami. The event was too great for David’s mind and he was rendered catatonic and recieved care at the Muir Island mutant research facility under Moira MacTaggert who also was a former paramour of Charles Xavier. The massive trauma fractured David’s personality with each personality formed from the splinter controlling a different aspect of his power. Somehow Karami’s psyche survived and later struggled for years to separate himself from David’s consciousness after he recovered and continued to explore his powers and his place in the Marvel Universe.  Karami once attempted to use David’s powerful telepathic abilities to reintegrate the multiple personalities into David’s core personality. This mental coup was resisted by other personalities who wanted to destroy Karami’s consciousness while maintaining their own independence away from David’s core personality. None of the personalities were successful and they continued to be David’s more dominant personalities at the time. I guess in Karami’s case, there are some fates worth than death indeed.

10.  The Tick was originally going to be Brown instead of Blue

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Back in the day when this lovely little superhero satire was the mascot at New England Comics in Massachusetts, creator Ben Englund had originally intended for The Tick to be brown similar to the insect the hero derives his name from. In the beginning when the character was a black and white character on newsletter and small comic printing, such details as brown instead of blue wouldn’t have mattered much. However when the Tick started to gain more and more success, the color blue was chosen as it would look better in color. They would later reference this costume change in the TV cartoon episode “The Tick vs. The Tick” where The Tick encounters a loud unstable man named Barry who also calls himself the Tick but wears a brown costume closer in reference to the insect accompanied with a red tick shaped shield that gives him incredible strength. They fight over the right to call themselves The Tick and in the end there’s only one hero for the City and he sticks out like a sore six foot blue thumb. SPOOOOON!


Thanks for making it this far.  I hope you learned a thing or two! As a reward… enjoy this hilarious imagining if what Justice League could have been like…if they went with the B-team.


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