Wordsmith #1 to be released for FREE online!

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Home, Wordsmith

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It is time.

Wordsmith has been a labor of love for writer Jon Santana for almost 6 years.

Iron Age will release one page of art for the first issue per week on all Iron Age media (website, social media sites, etc).

Please stay tuned for Wordsmith Wednesdays, beginning NEXT week May 11th!

Writer: Jon Santana
Artist: Jonathan Wyke

Alain Po is the world’s worst poet. His unfortunate name makes it even more difficult to be taken seriously as a writer. Adding to his misfortune is the fact that lately his spoken word poetry keeps…. blowing stuff up. And, like, killing people. Could it be the words he’s using? Is his notebook… a spellbook?


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