The Wordsmith


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This is it folks! Thanks so much for sticking with us through the end of ISSUE 1 of The Wordsmith! If you’d like to see us continue the adventures of Alain Po as he discovers the secrets of his magic, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for exciting Kickstarter/Patreon announcements!

Wordsmith #1 introduces Alain Po – world’s worst poet! Follow Alain as he struggles to pay his bills, talk to girls, and keep his explosive magic in check!

The Wordsmith is ONLY on!

The Wordsmith is an ongoing comic about a twenty-something good-for-nothing kid who stumbles onto an immense source of power.

Will he use this power to better the world, or to better himself?

Created by Jon Santana. Issue 1 Art by Jonathan Wyke and Bunny Pasig.

Only from Iron Age Comics.

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